Find a Fencing Contractor in Westfield, IN and surrounding areas in Indiana

Find a Fencing Contractor in Westfield, IN and surrounding areas in Indiana

Trust us to install your ideal wooden fence

Install a timeless addition on your property. Draper Fencing Company offers standard and custom wood fence installation services in Westfield, Indiana. A fencing contractor will survey your yard to take measurements and go over your options with you. We'll help you make the right choice based on your budget and landscaping goals.

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You're not limited when it comes to fences

We can install a variety of standard wood fences, including:

Shadow box
Solid board

For our custom fence installations, we'll explore your board, post and cap options with you and offer professional feedback on your design. We've installed all kinds of custom wooden fences, including dog run, lattice and horizontal.

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You Deserve the Best Quality

The most common materials used to build wood fences are cedar and pressure treated pine. In order to understand why cedar is the superior wood fencing material, you must first understand the vulnerabilities of wood in general.

Vulnerabilities of Wood:


Wood is composed of fibers that run the span of a board's length. These fibers are much like sticks of spaghetti and swell in diameter with the absorption of moisture. When a board is wet, the board will be wider. As the fibers lose moisture, the board shrinks in width.


When wood is shrinking, it is much more likely to change shapes. Just as furniture makers or specialty carpenters use steam to bend wood, Mother-Nature can too and, many times, twice as well.

Why Cedar is Superior:

Pine is an abundant species and is typically lower in costs as a result. It is naturally a great building material for indoor uses such as framing houses. However, it is an extremely poor choice for outdoor use unless it has been pressure treated. Pressure treating is the addition of preservatives in standard pine. The preservatives prevent the pine from rotting as quickly as it normally would but, the risk is from the moisture content of the pine once it is saturated. When installed, pressure treated is very wet and at its maximum width. It will inevitably shrink and, as a result, is very prone to bowing, twisting, and cupping.

Cedar doesn't require these preservatives due to its oils and resins naturally embedded in the wood. A cedar tree uses these properties as a survival tool to repel moisture and insects. As a result, cedar is dry and contracted when installed and shrinkage is almost nonexistent. The oils and resins prevent it from expanded too much as well, thereby maintaining its size and shape for much longer than pressure treated pine. Another benefit of cedar fence material is that there is a lesser rate of rate and decay. The natural properties of cedar do not dissipate over time like the chemicals in pressure treated pine.

We use #1 grade cedar straight direct-mill from the forest. Not only are you choosing the premier fence installer in the Indianapolis area, you are also getting great quality cedar at great pricing!