Boost Your Home's Security

Boost Your Home's Security

Arrange for chain-link or wire fence installation services in Westfield, IN and surrounding areas in Indiana

While a chain-link fence may not offer much privacy, it will help keep trespassers at bay. Draper Fencing Company installs custom chain-link fences. We work with a variety of link sizes, from 1 ¼ inches to 2 ¼ inches.

Chain-link fences are durable, cost-effective and versatile. We can even paint your fence, per your request. Once we've installed your new fence, you'll have a sturdy feature to keep pests and people out and your family safe inside.

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3 benefits of installing a wire fence

Draper Fencing Company handles wire fence installation services in Westfield, IN. A wire fence yields all kinds of perks, such as:

  • Unwavering stability-it'll take a lot to knock your fence down.
  • Extra security-we'll make your new fence as thick as you want.
  • Weather resistance-you won't have to worry about the metal rusting in the rain.
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Looking for affordable and transparent fencing?

Looking for affordable and transparent fencing?

Chain link will most likely suit your needs.

There are two material choices for chain link.

  • Vinyl Coated - Longer lasting and the best overall value. The powder coated paint and vinyl mesh covering prevent rust and will look good for years to come.

  • Galvanized - The most affordable option Draper Fencing offers. It serves as a sound barrier, transparent, but is subject to rust in the later years.

    Both Options come in 4',5', and 6' height.